Computer and Laptop Repair

We can repair all makes and models of laptop or computer and get you up and running again in the fastest time possible. Call or E-Mail for free help and advice.


CMK Computers - Computer Repair Milton Keynes, Laptop Repair Milton Keynes

PC Service

Speed up your computer with our full service.


Whether it is a laptop/PC or Server, we can repair and diagnose all problems either on site or remotely. We perform PC repair and Laptop repair on all makes and models including Applemacs.


For most computers and laptops we can often perform repairs remotely and talk you through what we are doing over the telephone or chat window. We like to educate our customers and explain what has caused the problem and how it can be prevented from happening again. We also understand that some customers prefer an engineer on site so even if the problem can be fixed remotely we are more than happy to attand and resolved on site.


We also specialise in NAS (network attached storage) and Server repairs so if you are a business then please do not hesitate to call us as we will be able to help and certainly help save you some money.


In regards to virus removal/malware the most effective method to remove these unwanted programs is a full operating system reinstall keeping all of your important files. This gurantees the virus is no longer on your system and will also help restore the computer to even faster than when it was new as it will not have pre bundled manfacturer software installed that is likely never used and just takes up storage and memory usage.


We do also have a number of programs that are effective enough to remove viruses and malware so this is an option also.


Please give us a call and we can provide advice free of charge.




We specialise in virus and malware removal as well as adware.


We can supply computer hardware at very competitive prices as well as recycling old.


We can supply new software or install already purchased software for you. Some software can require some technical knowledge to fully configure so if you need any help then give us a call.


Please have any licenses required to hand if we are installing software as these are normally required to activate the software.


We can supply anti virus software to you and advise how best to keep your computer or laptop safe when connected to a network or the Internet.








For mobile devices we can replace damaged screens and batteries on iPhones.


These are the only services we offer for mobile devices.